Books by K C Ravenstone

Heart of Chaos

A soldier, thought lost for many years, comes back to the city that betrayed him, desperate for revenge…
A woman, searching for the lover who disappeared, sets off on a dangerous voyage across the seas…
A Sister of the Sacred Hearth, called by her goddess to fulfil a vow, treks across the miles followed by strangeness at every turn…
All three are destined to meet at the last place any of them would ever want to – a place where ancient magic scarred the land; a place of atrocity…the Malevolence, and neither they nor their companions may ever live to tell the tale.

The Child of Promise Trilogy

The Eye of Lucifer

Fourteen year old Beth Price’s summer holiday wasn’t meant to be like this. Compelled by mysterious beings into the Otherworld, she must retrieve the Eye of Lucifer, a jewel of extraordinary power, from the deadly Midwinter Queen. But will her newly found magical abilities be her salvation, or lead to her destruction?


Beth Price finds herself in a very different England – one that is ruled by vampires. Can she and her new friend, Durward find and destroy the Eye of Lucifer, brought into this world by an evil wizard? What part will the Moonwraiths play in events? And will Beth survive a meeting with the vampire queen, Purity and her gem of power – the Bloodstone?


Beth and her companions are on the run from the all powerful Archons, who desire to possess two celestial jewels : The Eye of Lucifer and the Bloodstone. Chased from one version of Earth to another can they outwit their foes? What is the true nature of the age old war fought between the Archons and their enemy? All roads will lead to a final battle, but who will emerge victorious, and will Beth and her friends survive?